Brian Morton

All construction photographs are genuine & have been taken at Sproughton Water Mill even though Mr Brian Morton who supervised all this work cannot believe his eyes or believe that these appalling works have been carried out under his supervision and he is being held publicly accountable for it, as he is a Structural Engineer with a National Reputation for his expertise in dealing with Historic Buildings, he is also Internationally respected for his works.

Brian Morton

Structural Engineer

The Morton Partnership

Halesworth & Bethnal Green, London

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We have not yet checked the qualifications of Brian Morton of the Morton Partnership but accept them to be correct. Brian Morton is a Chartered Engineer (C Eng. MICE). He also has a post graduate Diploma in Building Conservation from the Architectural Association (AA Dip. Conservation).

Our Comments

 Brian Morton of the Morton Partnership has a vast amount of Experience, Knowledge, and Qualifications.


If the nationally renowned expert in listed buildings Mr Brian Morton has Designed, Specified, Supervised and Approved all the works carried out at Sproughton Water Mill - Why has the work been done to such an appalling standard of workmanship, which everyone can see is wrong, but nobody wants to accept responsibility for?

If Brian Morton has been supervising all the works at Sproughton Water Mill, Why has Brian Morton written to us asking us for details of the foundations and the depths we recorded of the piling? See below As he should have been supervising the works, especially the foundations - we would expect him to know these details.

We spent a lot of time compiling this information at Sproughton Water Mill, watching all the works being carried out but did not see Brian Morton on site during this construction period.

Clearly Brian Morton is not very proud of his works or his involvement at Sproughton Water Mill as he seems to have listed every building he has ever worked on, and who for, on his website except Sproughton Water Mill & Babergh District Council !

Brian Morton of the Morton Partnership was employed for his qualifications, to give credibility to Babergh District Councils actions, which have been questioned in detail on this website.(History 88 to 96 & Litigation)

With all these experienced and highly respected  individuals personally involved with this case

Why have we got such an appalling mess carried out at Sproughton Water Mill by Babergh District Council, which everybody now, can see for themselves, but nobody wishes to be involved with, or responsible for?

Brian Morton

CEng MICE Dip Conservation (AA) Structural Engineer for Babergh District Council

Ian Hume

CEng Dic Dip Conservation (AA) MIStructE Chief Structural Engineer at English Heritage

Richard Ward

Dip T.P MRTPI Senior Conservation Officer at Babergh District Council

Andrew Derrick

Inspector Anglia Division, English Heritage

Charles Mynors

FRTPI ARICS MIHBC The Top London Legal Barrister on Listed Buildings.

Sir Jocelyn Stevens

Chairman of English Heritage

Bob Kindred MBE

B.A. IHBC MRTPI @ I.B.C. Senior Conservation Officer in the U.K.

For 7 years we have been complaning to Babergh District Council, English Heritage, and others about the appalling workmanship carried out by Babergh District Council at Sproughton Water Mill, but to no avail. This has directly led to our  decision to go public with this information, to hold those responsible for this appalling workmanship, publicly accountable for thier actions with this website.


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