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The Listed Building Nightmare

As the Saga of Sproughton Water Mill now spreads all over the UK via the British press and forthcoming TV coverage, the talk will be of the hypocrisy and double standards in the Listed Building & Conservation World.

The Creditability, Reputation and Respect of every Conservation Officer & Historic Buildings Officer in the UK will be tarnished forever, if Babergh District Council and the people responsible for this appalling standard of building workmanship to this Grade II Listed Building with GV are not held publicly accountable for their actions. 

Given the lack of information from Babergh District Council and their unwillingness to accept responsibility for the sub standard workmanship, coupled with the unending excuses for this appalling building work, we are seriously concerned at the general behaviour of Brian Morton Structural Engineer, Mark Barnard Historical Buildings Officer at Suffolk County Council, Richard Ward Conservation Officer at Babergh District Council & Babergh District Council as a whole.

One can only ponder the reasons for this.

Ego? Stubbornness? Corruption? Incompetence?  Nepotism? Jealousy?

We are at a loss to explain the reasons why but serious questions have to be asked at the highest levels, because Public accountability & transparency requires nothing less than a clear exposition of the facts and accountability by the Secretary of State in this case.

The persecution & bankruptcy of one family who purchased the mill, to cover the blunders of an incompetent and arrogant group of officials is misguided and a travesty of justice.

Acknowledgements & Accreditations

Sproughton Water Mill would like to thank the following individuals and organisations, without whom this website would not have been possible ( or indeed necessary ).

Clare Pillman - Head of Architecture and Historic Environment Division - Secretary of State

Richard Ward Senior Conservation Officer, Babergh District Council

Brian Morton Structural Engineer, The Morton Partnership

Ian Hume Senior Structural Engineer,English Heritage

Bob Kindred MBE Senior Conservation Officer, Ipswich B.C

Neil Greg Head of Planning, Babergh District Council

Delwyn Burbidge Head Legal Dept, Babergh District Council

Charles Mynors Senior Legal Barrister, London

Andrew Derrick Assistant Regional Director English Heritage

Richard Halsey Director Anglia Team English Heritage

Mark Barnard Conservation Officer Suffolk County Council & Editor for Suffolk Mills Group

Peter Durrent Senior Building Control Officer Babergh D.C

Michael Crouch Director of Planning Babergh D.C Now at Colchester Borough Council

Mr J Kenneth Major - Mills Expert from Reading - Surrey                                         


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